MORE FUN Comes... on little frog feet

Why walk when you can leap? Frogs have a percussive, playful, and utterly unique way of moving through the world--into warm pools, out of harm's way.

As a new mom, I have many of the same household, career, and personal pursuits that I had pre-baby, plus a host of new parenting activities. I am looking to my little frog totem AND my new little human frog to inspire me to leap through the events of this new life, choosing a playful approach whenever I can imagine one.

To keep myself motivated to leap more, I plan to regularly test and share recipes for elevating the ordinary. My first recipe has begun this moment, as I write this post and Nigel sleeps beside me.

With my feet comfortably on the floor and the light from the lamp beside me just right, I remember to breathe and savor this brief writing interlude before moving on to feeding/changing chores. I could rush through this blog, looking over to my little frog to see whether he is waking. Or I could just write until he wakes, nourishing myself so I can better nourish him.