When the Frog Jumps it is Day

Yesterday was the first clear day in weeks. It was muggy but blessedly rain-free... sunny enough for my big green sunglasses, suitable for even the most fragile of post-cataract surgery patients.

The Mystic River was thick with lily pads, a frog's paradise. It looked like I'd be able to walk on top of this green carpet.

I threw a small stone out to the middle of the lily mass and was surprised to see it sink immediately!

OK, so only the smallest frogs could leap from pad to pad; while maybe the rest aim for a leaf, and surf it as it submerges and swishes around before regaining balance. Once again, even the smallest classic frog pastime is filled with play and sport...

As I sit inside on another overcast afternoon, typing this review of the lily pads, my lavender candle and Thai pop playlist elevate my small administrative tasks to frog status.